Leadership Coaching Skills Training - Part 3


The previous parts of the programme explored person-centred coaching and then the social systems, dynamics and relationships of the organisation. This third part moves us on to the key question: given this complexity and diversity of the school as a social system, how do we hold it all together?

Coaching at this level works with the enigma and power of culture. The roots of performance and well-being are in the culture of the organisation. To raise performance do we work harder and longer hours? Do we look to innovation and creativity? Do we look to collaborative ways of working? Do we look to others to tell us..? And to what extent do we sacrifice well-being to performance goals and targets? Culture determines such ethics and norms.

How leaders understand and work with culture is a powerful influence on both performance and well-being. In this realm of leadership, what kind of a leader do we need to be? What kind of skills do we need?

Learning Outcomes

Part 3 focuses on the skills, knowledge and understanding for:

  • energising organisational culture and learning;
  • working with the ethics of performance;
  • stimulating reflective practice and enquiry;
  • nurturing group and team communication; and
  • improving network capability.


  • The organisation as whole
  • The nature of culture
  • The ethics of well-being
  • Social capital
  • Courage and compassion
  • Central coherence
  • The self as whole
  • Life stages and development
  • Cognitive ease, cognitive strain
  • Resistance
  • Integration and integrity
  • The head and heart at work
  • Intuition and risk
  • Presence and voice
  • Reflective practice, reading and enquiry