Signalong Training

This is a certificated programme on achieving the required standard of signing.  Participants must attend both days to receive certification

Who should attend?

School based staff, SaLT or any adults working or in contact with children or young people with communication and/or learning difficulties, who use or would benefit from the use of a sign supporting system.

This programme will enable participants to:

  • Gain a general introduction to Signalong, its philosophy and key points to be considered when using Signalong
  • Read and follow the drawing and written descriptions of any Signalong sign produced by teaching the BSL Alphabet, hand shapes, orientations and directions
  • Receive an overview of Language Development including generalisation and symbolic development
  • Be taught all signs from the Phase 1 Signalong Manual
  • Practise using signs from Phase 1 through a variety of activities and opportunities.

Intended Outcomes

  • To enable participants to understand the philosophy of Signalong as a sign supporting system and a tool to aid communication alongside speech emphasising the importance of using keywords based on a child’s level of understanding.
  • To enable participants to feel confident and competent in using Signalong signs to communicate with children or adults with communication and/or learning difficulties.
  • To provide participants with the knowledge and skills to be able to learn and use any sign produced by Signalong