What We Learnt Last Half Term

Looking Good, Feeling Fit

It has been another very busy and exciting half term in the Skylarks.

Our topic this half term has been ‘Looking Good, Feeling Fit’.

Some of the children have begun to start each day with a morning walk outside in the fresh air in the sensory garden, whilst others have enjoyed time out of our chairs practising on their walkers, exploring the environment by moving around the room independently.

We have all enjoyed the sensory story ‘Here Are My Hands’ where the children have been using their hands to practise a range of gross and fine motor skills, such as signing ‘hello’ with the help of an adult, catching large balloons, rolling a ball down a chute to knock down a tower of bricks, popping bubbles, banging and tapping drums, participating in action songs, and squeezing aromadough.

In our Sensory Exploration sessions we have been busy exploring healthy vegetables and have used our hands to find carrots and potatoes that were hidden in the soil. Some of us placed these into containers and helped to count them. We made mud balls and then rolled these down a chute into a tray filled with paint and then looked at the marks we made. We have also enjoyed exploring fruits and vegetables by looking at them in the dark on the light table.

This half term we have been going outside into the sensory garden to do our Music session and have been experimenting making sounds using metal pots and pans.

We have continued to enjoy our sessions in the MILE room, which has given us lots of opportunities to interact with the surroundings and each other.

During our Communication sessions the children have been very busy making informed choices, they have done this in a variety of sessions including, choosing favourite songs on the ‘Help Kidz Learn’ app on the plasma, Communication games, choosing own snacks using  photographs, objects and symbols.

In Move and Mark the children have had lots of fun developing their gross and fine motor skills in their arms and hands, by using a range of resources in various ways along to different topic themed music, such as shaking and reaching for pom poms, banging beater sticks, and shaking bells.  We then explored and made marks using dry medium first, and then adding water to make it wet.

We have participated in a wide range of Physical Development sessions this half term, including a weekly Boccia game, where the children firstly chose which team they wanted to represent – blue / red, and then rolled their ball with increasing independence down the chute, trying their hardest to get as near to the target as possible!

In our sensory art session we have been getting very messy and made pictures by using a variety of vegetables. We rolled potatoes and took prints in brown paint, we patted cabbage leaves in green paint, made marks with celery, carrots and herbs.  We have also enjoyed exploring fruits and vegetables by looking at them on the light table

Enjoy a safe and happy half term