What We Learnt Last Half Term

Food Glorious Food

The Skylarks children have returned to school full of fun. The older Skylarks have welcomed the new children into class and some lovely friendships are developing.

The topic ‘Food glorious food’ has provided lots of fun and engaging learning opportunities for The Skylarks’ this half term.

We have been exploring spaghetti covered in ultraviolet paint under ultraviolet light, the children’s reactions were fantastic. In our sensory food exploration sessions we have explored wet and dried foods. The custard powder was a favourite! We made some lovely marks in the dried custard then watched it turn bright yellow once the water was poured onto it. The children got very sticky!

We have been using PECS and the app ‘Helpkidzlearn’ to develop our communication skills.

We have made some great artwork this half term with food – making pumpkin pictures with scented orange paint and porridge oats for a more sensory experience.

We hope you all have an amazing half term break and we look forward to seeing you next half term for lots more fun and learning!