What We Learnt Last Half Term

In All Kinds of Weather

The topic ‘In All Kinds of Weather’ has provided lots of fun and engaging learning opportunities for The Skylarks’ this half term.

We have been exploring the food, culture and weather of lots of different countries. In our sensory food exploration sessions we have loved trying a variety of foods. We have been working on using our communication in order to let others know when we would like more or to say ‘no’. We definitely wanted more of the mango and the meringue. However we worked on a clear ’no’ when trying soy sauce!

During our ‘Communication Song’ sessions, we have made some fantastic progress. We have been using pictures to choose which songs we would like. We have been making some really clear choices and there are some clear favourite songs. We are working on saying more when the songs have paused and some of us have been even choosing which number we are up to in our number songs! Fantastic work Skylarks!

We hope you all have an amazing half term and we look forward to seeing you next half term for lots more fun and learning!