Welcome to the Starlings Class! 


Teacher: Emma Dixon

TAs: Tessa Darlington, Matthew Brook and Sarah Lees

Mid Day Leader: Sophie Clayton


Earth, Wind and Fire

What a lovely start to Spring we have been having in the Starlings class. 

Our class story has been “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” each week we have enjoyed singing the story on screen and learning some simple signs and the rhythm of the story. Our learning activities have been linked to the bear hunt where possible and have included using scissors to cut green paper into “long wavy grass”, practising accuracy by scooping bears out of the “deep cold river” (water tray) and using various tools as well as fingertips to make marks in the “swirling, whirling, snowstorm” (paint) 

Each week we have worked creatively to make a bear, we have made bear sandwiches using brown spread, bananas and raisins. We have made bear masks using forks to print and make a furry texture to our work, we have even made bear footprints. 

During our Understand the World session in shared play we have experienced learning about the festival Holi, we’ve used bright colours to create some beautiful artistic responses. 

We’ve had some special celebration days this half term, World Book Day was exciting as we read one of our favourite stories “The Tiger Who came to Tea”, we had a role play tea party where we used our class tea set to pretend to be the tiger drinking all the tea from the teapot and also created some gorgeous tiger collages which are now displayed proudly in our classroom.

Another story we have enjoyed reading has been ”Wow!” said the owl”. This has been a favourite story in the library and we’ve enjoyed looking at the lovely resources which link to the story.

Follow along with this half term’s Signalong video!


At Kingfisher we use Signalong as a part of a Total Communication Approach, we are constantly using core vocabulary with the children to support their language development and then through each of our topics we introduce new signs and language, which extends their vocabulary further. We also have two “Signs of the Week” which helps maintain and extend key knowledge and skills of everyday vocabulary.

Each half term we will be creating a short video showcasing and demonstrating signs relavent for the current term so that you can learn the signs and further this learning at home.

Click play to watch this half terms Signalong video!


If your child has a school dinner, the school menus can be accessed by clicking here. For children who bring a packed lunch, please remember to provide healthy and balanced options. We are a Healthy School and will be focusing on healthy eating and how children can make healthy lifestyle choices.

How You Can Help at Home

The following activities are suggested as appropriate homework activities which you can enjoy with your child. We want homework to be fun and easy to complete here are some ideas of things to do at home;

  • Encourage my independence at all times; allow me to undress myself and to dress myself. I need to be able to fasten my own clothes, zips, buttons and velcro on my shoes
  • Challenge me to use my directed form of communication and if I can do this, ask school what I need to do next. – This refers to the guidelines from speech and language therapy (SALT)
  • Support me in my play and allow me to play with toys which suit my skill level- not my age level, this might be sensory or physical play. Ask my teacher for great ideas to support my play skills at home 
  • When I’m spending time with family and friends who are a similar age to me, help me to interact with them for a short time
  • Notice the little things that I do which are amazing or new and tell my teacher- maybe I can practise this again at school and then become even better at it!

Topic related- “Earth, Wind and Fire” 

  • Go for walks in various parks across the area; Foxdenton, Alexandra park, Tandle Hills. When visiting, look at and talk about the animals, trees, flowers that you can see.
  • If it is a windy day, go outside and be in the wind. Take a kite.
  • Blow up balloons and let them go before tying them- make this a game for the family. 

Send photos into class via see saw so children can look at their family photos for their choosing time. 

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