What We Learnt Last Half Term

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

The final half term of a very unusual year has been a great one.

The Starlings class have enjoyed a weekly walk to Foxdenton Park. During our walk we’ve played on the park, fed the ducks, played ball games and enjoyed running around on the big field.

We’ve also been very lucky to have a turn using the school’s new swimming pool which was lots of fun; the children who went into the water enjoyed playing with all of the new pool toys and floats. There’s even a float in the shape of a chair for relaxing! Some children practised their water confidence with skills such as moving away from the poolside with support of an adult and getting their hair and faces wet while other children practised swimming skills such as floating on their backs, kicking their legs and dunking under the water.

In the lead up to the Euro 2020 final we were getting very excited and supporting our country across the curriculum. We mixed food colouring and icing to make red icing which we used in move and mark; we practiced making horizontal and vertical marks like the marks on the England flag. We then iced football biscuits and made flags for our display board. In Stage 3 Attention Autism (Bucket time) we practiced kicking the football into the net. Some children enjoyed learning some of the signs for “Three Lions.”

The end of a very busy school year brings the time to say Goodbye to four of the Starlings boys as they leave Kingfisher to start their new learning adventure in Secondary School. The boys will be greatly missed in the Starlings and we as a team wish them the best of luck in their new school.