What We Learnt Last Half Term

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

The Robins and Swans have really enjoyed learning through the topic ‘Trains, Planes and Automobiles’. We have had lots of opportunities to engage with the topic in a sensory way and to further our communication.

We have loved our sensory Art sessions this half term, making lots of fantastic vehicle themed artwork for our class display. We’re very proud of it! We explored glue, water and tissue paper to make our very own hot air balloons, we then painted kitchen rolls to make the ‘basket’. We loved making our own ‘porthole’ windows for our aeroplane too. We thought we looked fab on our display!

This half term we had a great time exploring different Spanish themed cultural activities for our Languages Day. We were very lucky and were able to go to the beach! We went on an ‘aeroplane’ and handed our ‘passports’ over to our lovely flight attendant. We then had lots of fun exploring the sand and water at our very own beach! We also had lots of other fun languages day activities such as a Spanish themed sensory food exploration session and exploring red and yellow items in the MILE Room!

This half term and throughout the year we have been working on intensive interaction with familiar adults in class and we have also been working on interacting with our peers. We have initiated some lovely interactions with each other, reaching for each other, having cuddles and even massaging each other’s feet! We have really built some lovely friendships and developed our communication skills further.

Thank you Robins and Swans for all the fantastic work and effort you have put in this year, both in school and at home. The Robins and Swans staff are very grateful to have had the pleasure to work with you and your families. We hope you all have a lovely summer holiday and look forward to seeing you all soon. To those of you who are leaving school this year, it has been our privilege to help you on your learning journey and we wish you all the very best in the future.