Texture Kitchen

At Kingfisher we have installed two bespoke ‘Texture Kitchens’ which are amazing spaces for the children to explore Outdoor Learning. Within the spaces we encourage ‘Child Lead Learning’ where the children take the lead in their play by mixing, pouring, weighing, pretending, investigting.  These spaces are also used as  extended  ‘teaching and learning’ environments for the children to engage in Science experiments for example.

Through exploring in the Texture Kitchens some valuble learning takes place:

  • Creative expression and invention – mud and ‘mess’ can become anything! 
  • Problem solving opportunities – e.g. how to make soup thin or thick, how to make mud meatballs stick together
  • Cooperative play possibilities – e.g. let’s cook dinner, let’s have a restaurant, let’s feed the baby
  • Stress reduction – being outdoors in nature helps children relax and builds stronger immune systems
  • Growing affection for the stuff on our earth  soil, stones, sand, and growing plants leading to care for our planet