Total Communication

‘The ability to understand others, express views and contribute to personal decision making is a basic human right…’

Total Communication is a holistic view of communication, often using a range of approaches or even thinking “outside the box” to create a system of communication that works for an individual. Other definitions of Total Communication include:

  • Using any means and every means to communicate and/or receive a message.
  • Creating a best fit system of communication to facilitate an individual to communicate, optimizing his skills and reducing his impairments.
  • A “catch-all” that ensures that an individual has access to some means of communication.

At Kingfisher we aim to give children the foundations of communication for life, without which we are restricting their potential to communicate with people beyond their immediate home or school environment.  Ultimately we want all children to be able to communicate in an appropriate way with as broad an audience as possible in order for them to have access to a wide range of life opportunities and to participate and contribute as fully as they can.

Total Communication helps people make choices and be involved in making decisions about their life, increasing their independence.

Total Communication aids you in communicating in many different ways which is important for everybody as part of a wider society.

At Kingfisher we provide a range of strategies and approaches, which aim to enable all children to develop communication strategies most appropriate to them.  Our two main “catch all” whole school strategies in use are Signalong and symbols.  These two strategies are used across school, in all environments and by all staff in order to give enriched communication cues to all children.

Signing whilst speaking gives children additional visual cues to aid their understanding and symbol timetables for example, further support children in what is happening through the day.

We use a range of strategies in addition to these in developing a personalised communication plan for children who require it and these are set up in conjunction with Speech and Language Therapy (SaLT) to ensure every child has access to appropriate strategies related to their stage of development. Including Intensive Interaction, On Body Signing, PECS ect.

Total Communication approaches can be high tech, low tech or no tech.  Training for staff is planned for in a structured and appropriate way.