What We Learnt Last Half Term

In All Kinds of Weather

We have had another super busy half term in the Toucans class. The children all continue to make great progress with their learning, interaction skills and communication. We are particularly proud of how well all the children continue to do with learning and remembering new signs!

This half term we have focused on applying our Maths and English skills in our morning and start of afternoon sessions. In Maths we have looked at recognising numerals and matching the correct number of objects to each numeral. We have also worked on recognising shapes and following instructions with ‘less’ and ‘more’. In Move and Mark we have practiced zig zags and spirals and in English we have worked on letter recognition.

This half term has been all about the weather and seasons! In our Wellbeing sessions we have looked at how to dress appropriately for the weather and what we shouldn’t wear if it is snowing, raining etc. On top of this we have started working on our personal care- the Toucans are doing really well with brushing their teeth and practicing basic skills like zips and putting our own shoes on!

As part of our work on the weather/seasons we have been reading the story ‘The Weather Girls’. This talks about all the different season and what activities people like to do in them. We have become really good at recognising the seasons based on the colour of the leaves and what the weather girls are up to – some of us can even remember what order the seasons come in! We have tied this into our artwork this half term too where we have created a piece of art for each season e.g. leaf printing for Autumn and making snowflakes for Winter!

In Science/Understanding of the World this half term we have looked at basic forces. We have discussed what we can push, pull and twist in our environment and done lots of experiments about this! We had ‘wind races’ where we looked at who could push their cotton ball the fastest by blowing it with a straw; we have made pompom shooters to see how far we can push the pompoms by pulling the balloons and we have looked at whether cars go further or shorter distances depending how hard you push them!

Thursdays continue to be the Toucan’s favourite day as they enjoy the studio for yoga, shared play, PALS with the Parrots and, of course, swimming! We look forward to next half term where we will be exploring The World in our Town!

Toucans class team