What We Learnt Last Half Term

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

Hi everyone,

It is hard to believe we are now at the end of another academic year full of challenges and changes at Kingfisher. We want to start this newsletter by thanking everyone for their support this year. The children have had to deal with another eventful time in class and have shown amazing resilience throughout.

This half term our theme has been ‘Trains, Planes and Automobiles’; so everything transport based! In our English and Maths this half term we finished reviewing our learning from prior to school closures and have been able to move forward with new concepts. The children have all shown progress they can be proud of and are developing their skills across these subjects. In our Maths we have been working on higher numbers, matching to numerals and making patterns with a range of materials.

Our favourite English session has been phonics where we have enjoyed exploring the contents of the phonics bag; working on our speech sounds, identifying initial letters and practicing our letter formation. Our English story this half term has been ‘The 100 Decker Bus’. We have designed our own decks for the bus, made maps of where we want it to take us and used colourful semantics to work on our sentence formation.

In Science this half term we have looked at seasonal changes and forces. On our trips to Foxdenton Park we have made a weather chart of how it has changed week by week. We have completed our own science experiments with push and pull toys and learnt to make predictions within these. Through our trips to Foxdenton we have also worked on our geographical knowledge; naming features and drawing maps of what we can find in the park.

As restrictions within school have begun to ease we have also been able to access more areas within the school site. We have been on weekly trips to the library where we have enjoyed listening to and exploring different stories. We have been able to access Shared Play and enjoy role playing with our friends as well as sand/water play. Finally, we have also been able to get back to swimming which has been our favourite activity this half term; we are all developing great confidence in the water and trying really hard to practise moving independently.

As this year comes to an end we are sadly saying goodbye to two of our Toucan classmates, Liam and Josh. We will miss them terribly but know they are off to do great things at New Bridge!

Although it has been a difficult year we have had an amazing time with our Toucans and know that they will all be amazing as they access their new classes in September.

Enjoy the Summer holidays and stay safe!

Charlotte and the Toucans class team.