What We Learnt Last Half Term

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

What a busy half term we have had here in the Woodpeckers! To end the year in style we boarded Kingfisher Airlines and travelled around the globe each week stopping off at a different country….

In our sensory food play sessions we explored and tasted different foods and spices from the different countries we visited each week. We tasted olives, feta cheese and pita breads in a seaside taverna in Greece. We tasted brie, croissants and French bread while sat in a bistro in Paris. We flew back to England just in time for the football to be greeted with jam tarts, scones, Bakewell tarts and strawberries.

We continued this learning through our Art sessions where we used different paints, materials, glitters and tools to create the flags for the countries we visited. Our favourite flag was the Chinese flag where we used different shades of red paint with brushes and rollers before adding gold glitter and sparkle.

In our sensory exploration sessions we explored different materials, colours, scents and spices associated with the different countries we went to. When we went to China out trays were filled with dry noodles, ginger, tea and red and gold material. When we landed in France we explored coffee, onion with lots of red, white and blue material.

Languages Day gave us another opportunity to visit another country…Spain! Our day was filled with castanets and flamenco! We enjoyed exploring different Spanish foods from tortillas and tomatoes to peppers and black beans. We made our own Spanish flags using red and yellow paints before tasting our very own vimto sangria! We loved listening to the Spanish music while we explored the aromadough filled with the Spanish spices.

This half term we have been very fortunate enough to have access to the Studio which has given us another space to explore our country of the week. When we landed in China we opened the door to the sound of flute music while we saw different scenes from the Chinese countryside being projected onto the studio wall. Across the floor was placed different Chinese artefacts and lots of red and gold material. We especially liked our visit to Spain where we were greeted with sand and tools while we heard the calming Spanish guitar play. The wall projected the clear blue sky and the waves of the sea lapping onto the beautiful sandy shore.

In our ‘Awe and Wonder’ sessions we experienced the Noah’s Ark story. We sat together to listen to the story being read whilst we explored the different animals and the ark. We then would go either into the class work room or the texture kitchen outside to explore boats and animals with water, sand and blue material.

From us all here in the Woodpeckers we hope you have a fantastic summer holiday filled with lots of sunny days, new experiences and fun! See you all in September ready for more adventures!