Welcome to the Wrens Class! 


Teacher: Emily Barley

TAs: Madeleine Morris, Nic Meyers, Chloe Riley and Abby Quinlan

Mid Day Leader: Rachel Williamson


Food Glorious Food

The Wrens have had a lovely half term whilst learning through our topic of ‘Food Glorious Food.’

Our using technology sessions this term were a class favourite. We had lots of fun with the different sound/button toys, splashing in the foot spa and creating bubbles by pressing the button and showing our cause and effect skills on the iPads.

In sensory exploration, we loved exploring the themed tuff trays. We explored different resources for a different colour each week. We also had some special occasion tuff trays for Languages Day, Easter and World Book Day. 

The Wrens loved our rebound and Jabadao sessions this term. We had lots of fun bouncing on the trampoline and loved it when the adult said ‘ready…steady…bounce!’ We have also worked hard using the wedge for tummy time and spent lots of time in our standing frames whilst engaging in exciting activities.

In sensory food we used our senses to explore different tastes each week. We explored sour lemons, sweet honey, salty olives and soy sauce and our favourite, bitter melted dark chocolate. We loved licking the chocolate off the spoon, some of us even licked the bowls until there was none left! 

We have continued to develop our communication skills through choice making, games and sensory stories and songs. We loved the songs linking to the fun resources in ‘What’s in the bag’ such as the drum song, the fan song and the water spray song. The water spray is one of our favourite resources and we get very excited when it’s our turn to get sprayed whilst the adult sings!

In sensory art sessions, we made some beautiful creations. We have explored a different colour each week through paint, threading and printing. The Wrens are amazing at art and show us each week how creative they are. One of our favourite pieces of art to create was for World Book Day where we marble printed book pages!

The Wrens have had another amazing half-term and we are looking forward to exploring our new topic soon. Have a restful break and a wonderful Easter. 

Follow along with this half term’s Signalong video!


At Kingfisher we use Signalong as a part of a Total Communication Approach, we are constantly using core vocabulary with the children to support their language development and then through each of our topics we introduce new signs and language, which extends their vocabulary further. We also have two “Signs of the Week” which helps maintain and extend key knowledge and skills of everyday vocabulary.

Each half term we will be creating a short video showcasing and demonstrating signs relavent for the current term so that you can learn the signs and further this learning at home.

Click play to watch this half terms Signalong video!


If your child has a school dinner, the school menus can be accessed by clicking here. For children who bring a packed lunch, please remember to provide healthy and balanced options. We are a Healthy School and will be focusing on healthy eating and how children can make healthy lifestyle choices.

How You Can Help at Home

The following activities are suggested as appropriate homework activities which you can enjoy with your child and reinforce the learning we are focussing on this half term-

  • Take your child out on a walk or drive to look at where you live and your surroundings.
  • Think about the different sense and explore foods from around the world!
  • Go somewhere new, different or to your child’s favourite place and explore.
  • Listen to stories and songs on YouTube such as ‘he’s got the whole world in his hands’ and songs from Disney movies such as up and inside out.
  • Use Intensive Interaction with your child– copy the sounds, movements and actions that your child makes and watch and wait to see how they respond when you mirror what they are doing.
  • Watch the Signalong videos on our school website with your child and practice the different signs. 

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