What We Learnt Last Half Term

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

Well what a fantastic final half term we have had with our sensory learning. Where has the year gone?

This term our topic TRAINS, PLANES and AUTOMOBILES, has seen us having fun with a different mode of transport each week, and going to a variety of places.

Week 1 – we went in a car to the garden centre. First we made car tracks with paint, and while there we explored coffee, cake and cream. smelled flowers and had fun getting messy in soil and water with our hands and feet

Week 2 – the Wrens travelled by train to the seaside. We listened to a train song on the I pad, made daddy a special train card for Father’s Day, and then had great fun feeling cold ice cream, crunchy cornets and sticky sauce, and letting the grown up’s know which we liked best

Week 3 – we flew in an airplane to China. We tried on a big Chinese hat, felt noodles, curry and prawn crackers, and used UV paints in the dark to make an airplane picture.

Week 4 – everyone had a boat trip and caught some very smelly seafood to explore. We made a paper plate boat, and fished for fluorescent sea creatures in the water.

Week 5 – a van took us to the sweet shop, and we chose a variety of sticky sweets for exploring. We then made a big cardboard van and decorated it with paint and glitter.

Week 6 – we sang ‘The Wheels on the Bus’, caught the bus to the bowling alley, and all enjoyed a fun games of bowls, before popping some popcorn to eat and investigate.

Week 7 – a final fun week of our favourite sensory experiences, inside and outdoors. Amazing!

In Communication Games we were given lots of opportunities to make choices, and take part in favourite rhymes and songs, and during Move and Mark the children have made their own unique marks in a variety of sensory materials,

Each Monday morning, Cath has been in class, and the children have loved a yoga session, and a happy time with parachute games

All our activities gave us lots of learning opportunities ie making choices, using all our senses, communicating likes and dislikes, interacting, developing physical skills, listening and of course having lots of fun with our class peers

This half term we have managed to do the 1K walk each day, get out into our sensory garden every week, which has given us plenty of fresh air, fun exploring the plants and flowers, time rolling on the grass and even some sun!!!

Our twice weekly Rebound Therapy slots, have been opportunities for all the children to experience the enjoyment of being on the trampoline.

And we have been lucky recently to have our first dips in the wonderful new pool.

In September some children will be staying with the Wrens, and others moving to new classes. We know everyone will have a fantastic year, and we look forwards to sharing in their progress and achievements.


Stay Safe